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Last night I went to see the Subhumans play with the Keg Killers and my old friend Dan Dan the Mustang man's band, Grey Army. Grey army put on a great show. Their drummer was amazing, Dan's screamy vocals were like a slice of chocolate cake. After them the Keg Killers were on featuring blind Mark on drums. I must say, he's pretty freaking awesome on drums for a blind guy. They did a couple Ramones covers'n stuff'n things. Great music to give a shimmy too.
After the Keg Killers the Sub Humans played. These guys have been around since the first wave of punk rock in the late 1970's. The lead singer spent some time in jail in the early 90's after bombing some US weapons testing facilities both here on Vancouver Island and in Ontario and is still quite politically active, perhaps not quite as extreme as he used to be. In my early teens they were definitely one of my favorite bands. They played all of the songs that I wanted to hear like Urban Gorillas, Firing Squad, Death to the Sickoids and a song I think is called Fuck You. I spilled beer all over myself and others as per usual, moshed a bunch, it was great. I look forward to their new album coming out this year.
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